06 de gener 2014

Day of the Kings

I prefer to forget this day.

04 de gener 2014

3rd January (Friday)

In the morning, I bought presents for people of my family and my family-in-law.
We usually celebrate the secret Santa so everybody gives a present and everybody gets a present.
For Peter's nieces, we usually give them illustrated books for children. But anyone can enjoy this book because the drawings are very beautiful. We think they are a good present.
We usually give them colored pencils, markers or coloured chalks and after they play with some presents, on January the 6th, they rest calmly drawing on a table.

I gave Peter a Valencia Basketball season ticket. He started to enjoy it before the King's Day, of course!

After finishing our purchases, we decided to go for lunch in a restaurant where we can eat "calçots" (they are a kind of onion) with a special sauce "romesco". They were delicious! This is a typical dish from some towns of Tarragona.

In the afternoon, I worked at home. I need to finish a book which I must correct. I want to send it before Monday.

01 de gener 2014

1st Day of the Year

We met my relatives in my parents' house for dinner. Today it was my father, my brother and my sister-in-law saint's day and every year we celebrate this date with all my relatives.

In the morning, in my in-laws' house, we put together a Scalextric, so we will all enjoy it next 6th of January, and we put together a basketball basket, but we are in the half way. We will continue tomorrow.

31 de desembre 2013

31st (New Year's Eve) The Last Day of the Year!

I want to make a balance and a reflexion

This year that is finishing has been disastrous for many people and for our society in general. There are families that have had to leave to look for a better life in another country and nowadays they are far away from their relatives, people who lost everything and maybe this night they can’t cheer below a house, there are people who left a little bit of their/our social and personal rights, there are lonely people...
Some people say that 2014 will be better. Will it be better when we have to confront our lives with less freedom? Will it be better for chronically ill people that have to choose between eating or taking medicine? Will  it be better for children who only eat at school? Who will it be better for?

In spite of these thoughts, this night I will be lucky because I'm going to meet my relatives, I will celebrate the change of the year with good food and cava. However, we should remember people who are suffering and we ought to improve their state. We should remember them every day, and this night too, and when we can do something for them, do it.

For this New Year I only want to have good health and a good voice to shout because another world is possible, but we should fight every moment if we want to get it.
Happy New Year 2014!

30 de desembre 2013

29th Sunday

Yesterday I was exhausted.
I was speaking all the evening with my old classmates and I lost my voice.

Today I had people for an afternoon snack in my home.
Peter and I prepared all the dishes: Spanish omelette, cold meat, tuna sandwiches and broads beans with sausages, and vegetarian pates: aubergine, hummus (chickpea), dry tomato, charlotte and black olive.
My parents brought a "coca" (like a pizza) with tuna and tomato and turrones. And my brother brought two bottles of wine.
We cooked a brownie too that was delicious.

The guests are a family who my parents met 40 years ago and every year we meet together. They are excellent and wonderful friends!
This year is the first time we met together at home.

28 de desembre 2013

28th Innocents' Day

Today I met people who I  hadn't been in touch with since we finished Primary School. It was wonderful to speak to my old classmates who I had shared a lot of experiences with (sometimes good and sometimes bad).
I met a few of them years after, in Secondary School or at the University or in the street, but I had never seen most people until today.

People compared how we were and how we are now. And from my point of view, generally speaking, girls are better looking than men, ha, ha!
We met around 30 classmates and four teachers for lunch in Alcasser, we were one class but separated in two classes.
We spoke a lot about our memories, anecdotes, and we saw pictures and drawings in a Power Point when we were child.

Too many emotions for only one day. :)

27 de desembre 2013

26th and 27th of December

I stayed at home all day.
It was a windy day. I hate those days when the wind is blowing strongly. Sincerely, I prefer rainy days than windy ones.
In the morning, I started to correct a book about old witches and witchcrafts in our country, and I also recordered more than 10 time my voice for the English homework. It was fun but when I heard it I felt like Ana Botell and I wasted a lot a time!
My cold is running away and I don't have a fever. Finally, I feel better.
Tomorrow will be a great day! I hope.